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Ambulatory surgery, often called outpatient surgery, is a very special practice of medicine. 65% of American surgical procedures are now done on an outpatient basis, where no hospital stay is required. Advances in anesthesia technique have made this lower cost and faster recovery method possible.

Prior to Surgery

Your physician's or dentist office will schedule your surgery for you or your family member. Once scheduled, a member of our staff will be contacting you to obtain further information. We will ask questions regarding your medical history, medications you are currently taking, and verify insurance information. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the center and your upcoming procedure.

If your develop a fever, rash or cold the day before surgery, contact your physician or dentist at once because your procedure may have to be rescheduled.

Remember, DO NOT EAT, DRINK, OR CHEW anything after midnight the night before your surgery, unless otherwise instructed. This includes gum, mints, candy or chewing tobacco.

The Morning of Surgery

You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery and rinse your mouth with water, do not drink any of the water.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Leave all valuables and jewelry at home. If you wear glasses or contacts, bring a case to place them in. Please do not wear make-up.

You will need to have a responsible driver with you the day of surgery. We will ask that they remain in the center during the procedure unless other arrangements are made with the admissions clerk.

Please remember to bring your ID, insurance information, social security number, and the physical completed by your family physician, if applicable. If you have no insurance, a cash deposit will be required. If you need to make financial arrangements or an estimate of your bill, please call (417) 447-2482.

After checking in with admissions, you will be taken to the pre-op area where your nurse will prepare you for surgery. While in this area, the anesthesia provider will meet with you to discuss your medical background and the type of anesthesia you will have.

Following Surgery

You can expect to be transferred to our recovery area where you will be joined by your family members once you are awake.

The nurse in this area will give you instructions for taking care of yourself at home. We will be available to take calls until 4:00pm weekdays.

A nurse from the C. Rex Witherspoon Surgery Center will be calling your the day after surgery to check on your progress.

If you have questions regarding our center, please call us at (417) 447-2482.

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